Best Industrial Security Services In Ludhiana Punjab

Industrial Security

Dev Bhumi  Security Services Private Limited is one of the best Industrial Security Services provider company in India, which provides a wide variety of Security Services for Industrial, Corporations and Manufacturing Companies.Harrier Security Services also provides

Security Access Control,

Vehicle Patrol and Security Services,

Ingress and Egress at Distribution Services etc.

  • Our industrial security personnel is highly skilled and efficient to tackle the challenges of any large or small factory premises through continuous monitoring and guarding of the valuables and preventing violence.
  • Other than being the first person to meet the visitors, we are also the first to act during an emergency.
  • Keeping log books with the up-to-date recording of daily activities.
  • Conducting mobile patrols during and after the office timings and ensuring the safety of the place by checking the access doors, windows, elevators and gates and ensuring they are locked properly


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